About Florent

Florent Dumeau enjoyed a hedonistic upbringing between his father, a formal chef from South-West France, born in Bordeaux and passionate about wines, and his mother from Reims in Champagne. From his first experience of Bordeaux first growth wines, was born his vocation to enter Montagne-Saint Emilion viticulture high school. He continued his education at the prestigious Bordeaux university of Oenology, where he received the national diploma of “Oenologue” with distinction. This was followed by research work in Denis Dubourdieu laboratory, conducted on Californian Sauvignon Blanc aromatic expression.

From the very beginning, Florent has been interested in all phenomenon related to the elaboration of wine, from the vineyard to the bottle. Starting from his time spent in the Bordeaux university laboratory, up to his admission to Sarco laboratory in Bordeaux (Laffort Enology research department) – Florent was learning, discovering and applying everything he could.

In Sarco, together with Marie-Laure Murat, former laboratory director, he conducted research work based on the influence of wine-making on Rosé aromatic intensity. This work has been recognised as a milestone and helped to establish a new approach to Rosé wine-making.